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Photo by Ariel Tiorrarelli.

Pietro’s happy feet

During these uncertain times, we’ve all experienced loads of unhealthy negativity. There is a simple and positive activity that we can do in the outdoor environment. It’s called “earthing,” which means getting in direct contact with dirt, rock or water.

Walk barefoot on a natural surface or swim in a natural body of water. When we were growing up we very gladly did this often. Try gardening, strolling on a pesticide-free lawn, barbecuing on the outdoor grill, playing with children in a sandbox – all without shoes on. Steer clear of toxic chemicals. Our pores are like tiny sponges that readily take in whatever we expose them to. Plus, toxic chemicals are known for contributing to the decimation of our landscapes, water and pollinators.

Taking quiet time to simply gaze at the beautiful nature in our environment, and listening to its sounds, can bring peace to our minds, bodies and spirits. Having direct contact with Mother Nature is said to induce several benefits. Studies have found that people tested after earthing had lowered their stress levels and became more in line with the natural rhythms of the earth and sun.

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