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To the Editor:

At our recent Suffield Democratic Town Committee meeting we had a great discussion about voter access for the August presidential primary and November general elections. We voted to approve the following resolution unanimously:

The Suffield Democratic Town Committee endorses the Centers for Disease Control polling place guidelines encouraging the use of absentee balloting for the prevention of disease transmission in the November election.

We strongly support Governor Lamont’s efforts, and those of Secretary of State Merrill, to send out absentee ballot requests to active voters for the August presidential primary. We expect that the COVID-19 crisis will be with us until well into 2021 depending upon the development of a viable vaccine.

As a result, we sent requests to Senator Kissel and Representative Zawistowski, as well as the Suffield Board of Selectmen asking them to go on record to encourage the Governor and Secretary of the State to make the necessary changes so the November 3rd election is also as accessible to those vulnerable voters, particularly older voters and those with underlying health issues.

It appears that Governor Lamont has tentative plans for a special legislative session to consider that change. We urge all Suffield residents to contact their elected officials (state and Board of Selectmen) and urge them to support a change to make absentee voting in November more accessible.

Tom Frenaye,
Chairman, Suffield DTC

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