A Trucker’s Perspective

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Social distancing is anything but a new protocol for long-haul truck drivers, we’ve been doing it for decades. In fact, working alone is what brings some people to the job. The freedom of the open road—no nagging boss, no annoying co-workers, no company meetings—just you, a cup of coffee, good tunes and miles to drive.

When the pandemic hit, and preventative measures began to come into effect, truck drivers were largely unaffected. Besides wearing a mask at companies or to fuel up, and missing a good sit-down dinner, it’s been business as usual. Every shipper began asking the same four questions: Do you have any symptoms like fever, coughing or shortness of breath? No. Have you been in contact with anybody with Covid in the past fourteen days? No. Outside of the US? On a cruise ship? No and no. After a quick temperature check, life goes on.

Seeing the attitude of the local populations on the new ordinances in different cities has been eye-opening. The anecdotal proof of the level of compliance inversely correlating to the number of Covid cases has only reaffirmed my confidence in the CDC’s guidelines. It seems any place where people are out and about en masse and unmasked will show up on the news a week later. Places that are more stringent have fewer cases.

Truckers see the unrest and turmoil all around us on a daily basis. Friends and loved ones in fear, millions affected, rising anxiety and lack of faith. For all those who supported us in the past, it is our time to repay those debts and continue moving forward. Our country’s resilience is built upon the communities we uphold and the good we do for each other.

This trucker’s opinion: if we stay smart, vigilant, and together (figuratively), we will make it out of this thing, stronger than ever.

Jesse G. Stahl 

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