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Even though Connecticut is in Phase 2 of our reopening, with Phase 3 currently on hold, older adults and individuals with chronic health conditions are being asked to stay home and stay safe. All of the Governor’s Executive Orders specifically state that “the risk of severe illness and death from COVID-19 is higher for individuals who are 60 or older and for those who have chronic health conditions”.

The implication therefore is that despite Connecticut’s progress in reopening, our friends and neighbors over 60 and those with health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, and lung diseases such as asthma, and COPD should continue to exercise caution and to maintain the stay home stay safe mantra unless absolutely necessary.

We are working with other senior center directors and State officials on a plan of gradually increasing services and how to modify our building so we can keep everyone safe when that time comes. We are also installing ProAir HEPA-2 filters on our buses and sneeze guards.

We miss all of you very much. Please reach out to us any time if there is something you need or you just want to chat. Stay healthy and stay safe—we will get through this together!

Your Team,

Paula, MaryLou, Marzena, Cindy, Vic, Gwen, Duncan, Janet, Cathy, and Tracy

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