100 Years Ago in Suffield

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Selected from the pages of the Windsor Locks Journal and lightly annotated by Wendy Taylor of Kent Memorial Library.

October 1

Every evening, until well into the night, rehearsals are being held in the Town hall for the [250th celebration] pageant to be given… in the lot of E. A. Pomroy in Boston Neck, where the settings are all that could be desired. Hillsides on three sides of the flat quarter of an acre to be used as the stage give seats for a large gathering, and the Schwartz pond with its island furnishes an ideal background and gives opportunity for real Indian canoes. 

Timothy Miskill narrowly escaped being seriously injured…in front of the residence of John Kurvin on Depot street [the east end of Mountain Road] when his horse ran into a pile of crushed stone in the highway, overturning the wagon, throwing out Mr. Miskill and dragging him along the highway for several feet. He was picked up and carried into the Kurvin home, where Dr. Harold M. Brown attended him. It was found that he had wrenched his side and was badly shaken up but no bones were broken. 

A heavy wind during the night did considerable damage to trees about town and this morning the streets and lots were strewn with broken branches and many telephones were put out of commission, but no serious damage has been reported. 

Word was received here this week of the death of Burton H. Ward, while on an exploring trip in Mexico with a party of capitalists with whom he was in search of oil interests. He was aged 55 years, a native of this place, and was born in West Suffield, and during his younger days learned the carpenter’s trade with his father in this place. 

October 8

It was voted to appropriate the additional sum of $1,500 to the amount already appropriated for the pageant in connection with the 250th anniversary celebration of the town, and make admission to the same free.

The following resolution was presented and passed: “Resolved, That dumping trap rock and other rubbish in front of the West Suffield cemetery is a nuisance and should be discontinued.” 

October 15

Mrs. Horace D. Sackett and daughter, Mary, of Hollywood, Cal., have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. N. Thompson this week.

October 22

John Fillips and Mike Davis, two Polish farmers, who claimed ownership of the same calf which had pastured on the Granger place on Taintor Hill this summer, aired their grievances before Justice Howard D. Sikes Thursday. The justice decided the calf was the property of Davis. Fillips at once took an appeal. 

The Suffield School football team will play the Milford high school team…Captain Tryon, who broke his ankle at the Pomfret game two weeks ago, is out of the game for the season.

Anyone wishing [for] one of the bound volumes of the 250th anniversary celebration can leave an order for same at the post office. The book will contain a complete account of the celebration.

October 29

Peter Meleski, a Polish farmer on North street, and his wife, Rosie, were arrested Monday by Constables Woodruff and Gregg on the charge of selling liquor illegally and maintaining a nuisance. They were brought before Justice Howard D. Sikes Monday night for trial. After hearing the evidence Justice Sikes fined them each $75 and costs, amounting to $170 which was paid.

For some time it has been pretty well known about that section of the town that Meleski was conducting an illicit still, as he was having lots of callers that showed the evidence of the use of liquor when they left, and several people arrested for drunkenness told the court that they got their liquor of Meleski.

A search of the premises revealed “moonshine” whiskey, but the still was not located, nor was any mash found. It is possible that a wash boiler still may have been used and the liquor made fresh as the old supply became exhausted.  

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