“Pandemic Pets” Help Us Cope

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Photo by Ashley and Brian Loiseau

Bubba Lue and Daisy Lue aren’t too sure what Covid is but they practice social distancing.

Editor’s Note: We would like to thank all of you who submitted pet pictures to us. The response was amazing. Hope you enjoy this unique piece.

For better or for worse, the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic are keeping us close to home and drawing families – two and four legged – together. How does this affect our pets? These trends are emerging: dogs are getting fatter from endless snacking, or thinner from endless walks and runs; puppies are brattier without access to good training classes, or more well-behaved because of dedicated home coaching; cats are more affectionate, or they are more reclusive, and we’ll never figure them out anyway.

But veterinarians treating patients while owners wait safely out in the car all agree on this: it’s amazing how much better behaved your pets are when you‘re not in the building making them nervous or over-protective or excited!

This is Koko. He is an elderly Pomeranian who misses his shopping trips in mom’s bag. He looks so forlorn on a rainy day. Photo by Kristen Johannessen
This is Scooby, giving me a little side-eye, wondering when I’m going back to work so he can return to days of leisure. Photo by Jennifer Cross
Keela posed during the pandemic in several chalk drawings that kept us busy. Photo by Kelly Wright
My name is Wallace, just an ordinary dood from West Suffield. Quarantine has treated me well. My little sister, Elliana, was born on March 9 before this whole Covid started. Lots of boat rides and walks. Life is good for this dood. Photo by Mariah Bertrand
This is our husky/lab mix Marvis! I’m pretty sure she’s thoroughly enjoying this pandemic. She has her family at home with her all the time and tons of outdoor activities! Here she is with her sisters after a hike up Metacomet Trail. Photo by Amanda Morello
Nala is helping with laundry! Photo by Krystal Holmes
This is our two and a half year- old German Shepherd, Nina, doing what she loves, relaxing with family. Photo by Frank and Melissa DeGray
This is Roxy, enjoying some backyard time. Photo by Mike and Denise Webster
My name is Zander. I think my mom is getting carried away with grooming me at home during the pandemic. Not only does she put me in the kiddie pool to keep my fur from flying around, but I seriously don’t even recognize myself anymore… This is a problem! Photo by Kristen Baranski
This is Bubba! Our 8 month-old Mastiff mix getting some extra cuddles during quarantine! Photo by Hannah Woodward
Mommy, Selina, and her baby Zambezi, were adopted early in June. They enjoy cuddling with each other, playing with twisted up pipe cleaners and doing impressive gymnastics in pursuit of the feather toy. They love their humans, Charlotte and Marshall, who sometimes take them outside to explore the yard on leashes! Photo by Emily Boone
“The little birds by our doorstep” These ladies, Lucy, Cistercia and Camelita, are taking a stroll in our backyard after making us breakfast. Photo by Rachel Sanguglia
Cassie and her hedgehog were never too far apart during the pandemic. She loves to watch the kids play in the yard while she lays out and relaxes on her wall. Photo by Rob Faber
This is my 8 year-old Russian blue feral cat. His name is Mason. He has brought so much love to this home and friends that enter. When it is nap time, he loves to cuddle with dad. Sitting in the front door watching for his momma to come home or being the neighbor watch kitty is his favorite spot. Photo by Kelly King
This is Hudson! He lives in Suffield and is getting through this pandemic by playing outside in the sunshine with plenty of ice water and vanilla ice cream! This photo was taken after a fun day in the (kiddie) pool! Photo by Ashleigh Bell
Rory loves to play frisbee at home every day! Photo by Wendy Lowe
This handome boy is Doppler, rescued from our local Town Pound. He has been doing a lot of napping and reading on the porch keeping his mom company. Photo by Christine MacClintic aka mom
Covid 19 completely clipped my travel wings this year. So I decided to adopt 2 kittens! With sincere thanks to the Enfield Community Cat Project, these 2 beautiful kitty brothers, Yoda and Bennie, have filled my life with laughter and warm snuggles! Photo by Marie Gauthier
Maggie, a rat terrier dog, and Theo, whose heritage we aren’t sure of, watch the varied critters outside the back-screen door. Theo will perk up and follow birds. Both absolutely go bezerk if a squirrel or chipmunk skulks around stealing grapes from my vines. Theo will get as flat as possible; Maggie usually stands and shakes. Of course, this is entertainment for me, so I do my part putting out stale crackers, bread, popcorn or cereal. Then I get to watch the ensuing spectacle. Photo by Kristi Bathgate
My name is Leon. I support my mom by accompanying her everywhere. I even get to go to work with her every day. You probably guesssed she is a dog groomer! I am owned and very much loved by my mom Lisa Peloquin. Photo by Lisa Peloquin
Here’s Hunter and Chase snuggling up on their elephant after a walk! Photo by Pamela Hardy
Here is our French bullodg, Hamilton, handling Covid the best way she knows. Photo by Karen Depray, West Suffield
This is Lily, the bride,
and MacGyver, the groom, on their wedding day. My JP friend performed the ceremony and the groomer provided wedding favors (dog treats shaped like wedding cakes) that she baked and iced. My son made the wedding rings out of loop banks. Photo by Gina Laird-Dion
Colorful Tropical Fish – the perfect stress reliever. Photo by Ben Fuller
Here we see Normie skyping with the (late) Fletcher the dog (in the kingdom) from his Suffield office. Normie completed advanced computer training during the pandemic and is now the only cat in Suffield certified as a psychic medium to departed pets. He is applying for a job at Google after there is a vaccine. Photo by Dave Kannen
Ruthie, our 14 week-old Goldendoodle and Brooke Markham, our 9 year-old taking a walk on North Main Street. Photo by Michelle Markham
One year-old pug, Luna, is all smiles while cuddling in her blanket after a long day of shredding her new toys to bits and running circles around her parents. Photo by Andrea Chace Wessling
Bosun enjoyed a birthday pup cup from Scoop dujour. Photo by Kelly Sivo
Shelby is a little bored with Covid. Photo by Ted Hansen
Here are Sadie and Pru. They had me at home so long, that now when I leave they just stay at the door for a while. Photo by Erin O’Brien
Nip and Tuck relaxing on one of their favorite chairs. Photo by Beth Chafetz
“I’ve got this.” 12 week-old Hennessy (Rietberg) takes the lead walking along Devine Road with his older sister Zoe (2 years old). The Australian Blue Healer mix breed have become fast friends. Photo by Anna Burdick, their treasured dog walker

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