Field of Flags’ Future

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Photo by Jeam Matejek

Seaman E3 Richard Moneghetti, USN, (far right), is pictured with (left to right) Gunnery Sergeant Fritz King, USMC, Major Michael Controne, USA, and Sergeant Salvatore Covino, USMC at the 350 Field of Flags on a crisp, autumn day.

I think it is safe to say that Field of Flags has been a great success. 315 of the 350 flags were sponsored and tagged, honoring both individuals and groups. I hope you had a chance to wander through the Field and take some time to read about the many and varied contributions of those honored.

Aside from the visual splendor created by the Field, many people found the process of collecting information for their honoree’s tag to be a rewarding experience. They had a reason to learn more about a loved one’s history and were excited to share their findings.

Field of Flags has also proved successful both as a COVID-19-friendly event, and as a fundraiser in what has been a difficult year. Thanks to a grant from the Amiel P. Zak Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving covering much of the first-year one-time costs, profits from the event were nearly $8,000. These proceeds are being used to help our veterans and first responders through donations to Suffield’s VFW and First Responders and Will Power for Veterans.

With the first annual Field of Flags drawing to a close, the flags are folded, the funds have been dispersed, and we are looking toward a future home. This year’s promoter and organizer, Suffield 350, will necessarily be stepping down and hopes to find a Town organization that is committed to shepherding the Field of Flags for years to come. If your organization is interested, inquiries can be made to

Thank you Suffield!!

Field of Flags Honorees

Group Honorees

The Connecticut 
  Agriculture Producers
All First Responders
All Suffield First 
All Local Heroes
All Suffield Veterans
All Veterans
All War Veterans of Baskerville, Virginia
All the men and women in the US Air Force
All the men and women in the US Air National Guard
All the men and women in the US Army
All the men and women in the US Coast Guard
All the men and women in the US Marine Corps
All the men and women in the US Navy
All Those Who Have Served
All Who Serve, All That Have Served, All Branches
Suffield Firefighters Local 3565
Suffield Front Line Medical Workers
All Healthcare Workers
Troop 260 Scout Masters, Past and Present with Military Service
Troop 260 Scouts, Past and Present with Military Service

Individual Honorees

Charles T. Alfano, Sr.
Matthew Arnold
Barbara Elizabeth 
Carl R. Augsburger
Dale L. Augsburger
Ivan Harold Augsburger
Eugenia Branch Bacon
Harry Bacon
Russell Robert Baird
James E. Baker
Henry J. Balch, Jr.
Leonard F. Barker
Leonard H. Barker
Dennis Barry
Adam Bauer
Michael Baumert
Neil Baumert
Richard Baumert
Daniel S. Bednaz
Mark H. Bednaz
Maidz Stiles Belfit
Thatcher George Belfit
Thomas Bengtson
David J. Benoit
Roy M. Benson
Charles J. Bermani, Sr.
Richard Berube
Ermin D. Bixler
James A. Bixler
Stephen R. Bixler
Kadeline Soucie 
Gerald R. Bland
Max R. Bland
Robert Blighton
Eric Boone
Albert J. Bordeleau
Albert R. Bordeleau
Guy E. Branch
William Brennan
Peter Joseph Bruno
Peggy Butler
Jess Cain
Michael D. Campbell
Robert W. Cardin
Fedeli J. Carrieri
Don Chafetz
Herbert W. Coburn
Robert Coder
Gerard Colli
George A. Colli, Jr.
Amy Colson
Larron Colston
Mickey Colston
Bill Connelly
Armand “Duke” Conte
Michael Cotrone
Nicholas Cotrone
George Courtemanche
William Davidson
Robert Scott Davison
Francis Degnan
Walter A. DeGray
John DeMaio
Frank DiGennaro
Justin Donnelly
Brian Louis Doyon
Dustin Louis Doyon
Chris Dufresne
Alonzo DuMont
William Robert Duni
Milton M. Edmonds, Sr.
Joseph Egan
Paul F. G. Egan
Scott A. Egan
Flossie Ellingson
Vernon Ellingson
Joel M. Fain
Stanley Falkowski
Michael F. Fitzgerald
Brian Fitzgerald
Michael F. Fitzgerald
Timothy Fortune
Peter Frizzell
Gary E. Fuller
Jane Fuller
Sam Fuller
Walter Gadomski
Kingsley S. Gernon
Daniel Godin
Frederic J. Hanzalek
William J. Harris, III
William J. Harris, Jr.
Paul Hartwell
George M. Hastings, III
Craig Henderson
John (Jack) C. Henrie
Martin Higgins
Stephen Hojnowski
Donald “Red” Holmes
Thomas H. Horrigan, MD
Walter J. Huderski
Sylvester C. Huderski, Jr.
Carla F. Jacobs, DO
Duncan P. Johnson
George Joyal
Joanne Kaleta
William Kaleta
Dave Kannen
Bobbie Kling
Dennis A. Kreps
George D. Kolvek
Paul Kulas
Peter J. Kulas
Richard Kurtz
Ron Lanza
Edward G. Lanzoni
Michael J. Lewandowski, Sr.
Ruth Logan
Edward Loiseau
John (Jack) Loughrey
Patrick MacNeely
Joseph Mahoney
R. Russell Mahoney
Edna Mann
Bertrand G. Marien
John J. Martin
Todd Martin
Rohit Y. Masih
Sarah Masih
Daniel D. Matchett
David E. Matchett
Keegan E. Matchett
Richard Matyskiela
Christie LeighMcCarthy
Jeremiah M. McCarthy
Dorothy McCarty
Ronald J. McLennan
Samuel Mercouriou
Geoffrey Miner
Richard Miner
Joseph Misilmeri, Jr.
Henry C. Monighetti
Richard C. Monighetti
Joe Morello
Will Moryto
Rodney Motta
Guerin V. Muzzulin III
George O. Nelson
Richard Hale Nelson
Edward Nielsen
Doug Nilson
Norman W. Noble
Elwyn J. Noble, Jr.
Elaine O’Brien
Sam Okun
John R. Oliveri
Howard Winthrop Orr
Sonny Osowiecki
Robert A. Parks, Jr.
Robert A. Parks, Sr.
Joseph Royden Peake
Nicholas V. Pepe
John A. Phillips
James Lowe Pilling
Mike Pontow
Todd Pontow
James Powers
Seymour Presser
Richard Quick
Sy Raboy
Herbert B. Radack, MD
Nicholas Raring
Gil Reid
David W. Rhoades, Sr.
Brian Richardson
Lawrence Ridel, Sr.
Duncan C. Roberts
John H. Roberts
Bernard Rodgers
George Rodgers
Christopher Rossi
Michael Rossi
S. Clay “Sandy” 
Joe Sangiovanni
Mario Santos
Amedio Sarno
Gene Sarvarese
James Savitts
James Schneidt
Raymond M. Seabury, Jr.
David J. Shelanskas
Raymond P. Shelanskas
Brian Sheldon
Josiah Sheldon
Daniel Sheridan, Sr.
Bruce A. Silva, Sr
Arthur Sladyk
Donald G. Smith
Stephen Sorrow
Clayton Soucie
Gilman Soucie
Herman Soucie
Frank S. Staarup
A.J. Stafford, DDS
Frank P. Sutula
Joseph W. Sutula
W. Al Sweetser
Chester E. Swider
Stanley C. Szoka
Lawrence P. Tavino
Daniel Andrew Taylor
Vernon Arthur Taylor
Amanda Thibedeau
James Thompson
Charles “Chuck” Trabold
Roland R. Tremblay
Michael Vallides
Gus Villota
Scott Waddell
Eleanor Olson 
Ralph Warkentien
Robert O.Y. Warren
Taylor Werth
Ferman Wilson
Perry Woodbury
Nate Woodworth
Amiel Zak
Bernard Zak
John Zak
Mary Anne Zak
Michael Zak
Sara Zak
Walter S. Zygmunt 

Dave Kannen, USMC, Vietnam War, 1969, proudly stands by his flag on the 350 Field of Flags display. Photo by Ann Kannen

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