Traffic Signal Project Pauses

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At the end of October, the “in-ground” crew from contractor NY Conn had completed their segment of the substantial renovation of the signal lights and related matters of the town center double intersection, so they packed up and went off to other projects. The same contractor will send his “above ground” crew this winter to complete the job, according to a DOT District 4 spokesman. An informal report commented that the manufacturer of the two new steel towers to be installed has been slowed by pandemic issues.

     The traffic signals themselves will be supported in  about the same locations by a new cable “Y” at Bridge Street and on a new structural bracket at Mountain Road, replacing the cable “Y” there now. The pedestrian signals and crossings will be changed more significantly, with new signals added at Bridge Street and south of the lights at Mountain Road. At Bridge Street a welcome change is a new piece of sidewalk across the flower bed there. Traffic cameras are to be installed at both intersections.

     As noted before, this intersection, #139-207 in the state’s list, is part of a 15-town project to bring state highway intersections up to modern standards. The state’s description of the project notes that it is situated in the Suffield Historic District, with “high archeological potential,” but the work will have “no adverse effect to historic properties at this location.” 

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