Visit the Alpaca Farm

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Photo provided by Lily Morissette

One of the alpacas at Roaring Acres on Hale Street.

The alpaca farm was hidden for eight years, and now it is finally open until Christmas. It is open Wednesdays – Sundays, 12 – 4 p.m. This is their eighth year in Suffield and their first year open to the public.

Roaring Acres Farms is what it’s called, and if you know Christian Field, it is right across from there. Just put the location on your G.P.S. Then you can go there, or you can look on their Facebook page for directions.

I know what you’re thinking. “Well, what do we do there?” They have been private for a long time so not many people go there. First, you go to a table with alpaca chow and it’s free. Also, when you get to the desk you can write your name and phone number and this paper will give you permission to go there all year. Then a person who works there will tell you the rules. Then, you have to go through this big gate that will bring you to the alpacas, but there are other animals there like chickens, ducks, sheep and donkeys that you can pet but not feed, though.

The male alpacas are closed off because they might hurt someone to protect a baby. Now you can start feeding the alpacas, and your children/child could feed and pet them too. But, watch out for the alpaca poo. You might need boots. Once you leave you can put some money into a tip box and trust me, they deserve it. You could also ask any questions of the staff. Also, before you leave you can check out the store.

If you are interested, come on down to Roaring Acres Farms!

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