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Dear Editor,

The telecommunications industry has plans to blanket the entire nation with small cell antennas. This means small cell antennas in our neighborhoods every 300 feet. This means antennas as close as 20 feet from your child’s bedroom window or classroom.

Cell phone technology has changed dramatically since its invention in 1973, and so has the amount of exposure to wireless radiation. The collective amount of wireless radiation we receive is one quintillion times more than it was ten years ago, according to Olle Johansson, Ph.D. neuroscience, Karolinska Institute, Sweden. Yet FCC exposure guidelines have not been updated since the Telecommunications Act of 1996!

We are told that we need faster downloads, better connectivity, greater bandwidth, smart cities, internet of things, but at what cost? Telecom is driven by PROFITS! Telecom wants to sell more products, and more services, no matter what the health cost. There is no science that assures the safety of wireless radiation. In fact, the science IS established with regard to the harmful effects of microwave radiation.

The health and safety of our families is at stake. As citizens, in the event we receive notice that a company wants to install an antenna or tower on or near our property, we need to follow the lawful process to express our disapproval. As a town we need to implement a moratorium on the current deployment, revise the Town’s current communications ordinance, and assert our contractual right to the superior fiber optic system which we have already financed.

Christine Sinopoli 

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