Student Project Keeps Seniors Smiling

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Photo by Kelly Wright

Pictured with Liam Wright as they load gifts for seniors are Brooke Kaselouskas and Sophie Boulay.

One component of the Vo-Ag program at Suffield High School is strong encouragement for projects that will benefit the community. Some of these are environmental, some are more relationship oriented. Among the students developing such projects are Liam Wright and two of his friends, Brooke Kaselouskas and Sophie Boulay. Last spring, when the COVID-19 pandemic shut our world down, Liam noticed how much his grandfather enjoyed whatever contact could be maintained with his family. From that experience Liam began to ponder the fate of other older people, isolated in their residences, and eager for safe contact with the outside world.

Using his family’s garage as his workspace, Liam accumulated supplies.

He and his friends filled baskets with small gifts and treats including personal items, puzzles, flashlights, note cards, and cozy socks. Various friends and acquaintances provided the names of potential recipients, and Paula Pascoe at the Suffield Senior Center helped the students find addresses. Since then, flyers have been posted online and around town asking for additional names. To date 200 baskets have been delivered, and there are plans for Valentine’s Day deliveries as well.

The project has even acquired a name: “Keep Smiling Seniors.” Clearly it fills a need, and what a praiseworthy effort from three young people! The group would welcome donations of small items such as the ones mentioned above; however, they do not deliver food because of possible allergic conditions on the part of recipients. And they are also careful to maintain a distance from the people to whom they deliver, leaving baskets on doorsteps. For more information or to support this effort, go to or keepsmiling

Notes of gratitude from seniors:

Thank you, you made my day! Appreciate your thoughtfulness, love (and can use) everything! Gold nail polish… can’t wait to try it!

You certainly put smiles on a lot of faces today. Glad to see the youth of today doing something this nice. Thank you so much!

Thank you for the wonderfully creative Santa bucket. We love every item included. You are treasures in the middle of this pandemic.

OMG Liam this is fantastic! You should be so proud.

I think the three of you are amazing! Thank you for your kindness and generosity for taking the time and making the effort to put a smile on the faces of Suffield’s Senior Citizens. 

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