NFL Drafts Suffield Academy Grad

There has been a great deal of interest in recent weeks about the NFL draft and the choice by the Miami Dolphins of Christian Wilkins, a 23-year-old Suffield Academy alumnus (class of ’15); his athletic gifts are well known and appreciated by many.

A Class Act!

When I hear the term “a life well lived,” I often wonder what the speaker means by those words. When I think of Mary Anne Zak, who turned 90 a few days ago, I don’t have to wonder; all who know her can attest to her life, well lived—and it’s not over yet!

As Schools Match Wits

We have television personalities in our midst! Both Suffield High School and Suffield Academy participate in multiple “quiz bowls” every year, but only one of them – “As Schools Match Wits” – is televised; it can be viewed on WGBY most Saturdays at 7 p.m.