New Dorm at Suffield Academy

A good school is always on the move, always considering ways to improve the program and/or the facilities, always looking to the future. That is certainly true of Suffield Academy, whose most recent plan for improvement is a new dormitory on its main campus.

New Senior Minister Named at First Church of Christ

The First Congregational Church of Suffield is joyfully welcoming its new senior minister, the Reverend Diann Bailey. Fortunately, Reverend Bailey is not a “newbie” as a church leader in a time of crisis; she has been the associate minister at the church since 2014, and before that at the Congregational Church in Granby.

How Churches are Coping with COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has had ramifications in all areas of Suffield life. We hear quite a bit about how the schools are coping, but it’s important to remember that the churches have to find ways to carry out their missions as well.

Enrichment Program

Peter LeClerc is a busy man these days. In addition to his regular duties as Director of Parks and Recreation here in Suffield, he is also managing a new COVID-related project called S-PREP, shorthand for Suffield Parks and Recreation Enrichment Program.