Suffield Alight Delights Suffield

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Photo by Takashi Futima

The event’s name was plastered on a scrim banner along Main Street on the Center Green.

The plans for how Suffield Center came aglow at Christmastime grew after First Selectman Melissa Mack realized Bill’s Landscaping could readily put some lights on the trees at Suffield’s library after they had completed the occasional pruning job there. So, following the success of October’s Spooktacular in Suffield, she led a team effort to brighten public spirits again with something appropriate for the December holiday season.

The new offering, called Suffield Alight, was described as a walk-through event, extending the length of Main Street. That turned out to be another success, even though, as with the Spooktakular on Halloween weekend, Mother Nature tried to intervene. The citizens of Suffield came out and walked the sidewalks, enjoyed the fun on the South and Center Greens, and appreciated the displays of lights.

The first, and most glorious, lighting display appeared near the end of November at the library. It seemed that the sky had exploded with color.

A sky full of lights brightens Suffield Center in front of the library. They glowed from late November ‘til the end of the year. Photo by Lester Smith

A week and a half later, with the help of Suffield’s highway crew, Bill’s was back installing lights and inflatables on South Green for the big weekend event. And on the evening of Friday, December 11, townspeople began to visit. December 12 had been announced as the big day, and there were good crowds, well masked, and except for family groups, generally well distanced. Kids enjoyed the colorful, imaginative inflatables, and the brightly decorated Town vehicles added to the spirit. More came on Sunday in good weather, when Santa and Mrs. Claus greeted everyone from a horse-drawn wagon.

Surrounding the South Green, about two dozen large posters expressed the spirit of three events that are now featured at the end of the year. The key event, of course, is Christmas, which occupied most of the posters, focusing on Santa and his elves and reindeer. But there were also posters for the seven principles of Kwanza and for Hanukkah, as well.

There were daytime activities also, including some friendly Agriscience goats on the Center Green, Santa greetings by the Friends of Suffield, Christmas trees prepared by Girl Scouts, and lots more.

First Selectman Mack explained that with volunteer effort and some borrowed items, the event’s cost was easily absorbed in existing budgets.

The announcement had asked Main Street homeowners to put special effort into their Christmas displays, and many did, including one resident at 318 North Main who couldn’t resist adding a Grinchy comment with a sign reading, “2020: Stink, Stank, Stunk.” Yes, it’s been a tough year, but Suffield Alight was a great way to brighten spirits.

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