100 Years Ago in Suffield

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Selected from the pages of the Windsor Locks Journal and lightly annotated by Wendy Taylor of Kent Memorial Library.

March 4

John Miller of this place has signed up as pitcher with the Worcester team of the Eastern league. According to his contract, he will report the first week in April for practice. Young Miller formerly pitched on the Suffield School team, the Bigelow-Hartford team of Thompsonville, in the Twin-State league, and during the latter part of last season he pitched for St. Morris in the Canadian league. 

The girls’ basketball team of the Suffield School is to play the Travelers’ Insurance Girls at the Suffield School… The Suffield High Girls is one of the best girl teams in the state. They have been victorious in all the games they have played this season with High School teams. Their only defeat was met at the hands of the Travelers in Hartford recently. The Suffield girls are confident that the tables will be turned when they play the Travelers at Suffield. 

An infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Grabrowski died at their home on South Main street.

March 11

William S. Larkum is confined to his home on Bridge street with a general breaking down incident to old age. His mind is affected, and he is under the care of a nurse.

March 18

The Suffield High girls’ basketball team will play the Simsbury High girls’ team for the championship of Hartford county…in the Windsor Town hall. Suffield has beaten Simsbury on its own floor early in the season with a score of 24 to 7 and is just as confident that the victory will be theirs at Windsor. 

The annual Kent prize debate was held at Suffield School…on “Resolved, That the President of the United States should be elected for a term of six years, and be ineligible for immediate re-election.”

The Suffield Grange held an interesting meeting last evening in Mapleton Hall, with a good attendance. Besides the musical program there was a mock trial, “Armour S. Ruggles vs. Paderwhiskey Music School.”

Miss Alberta Lillie substituted in grades 2 and 3 during Miss Fahey’s absence.

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Leahey are spending a few weeks in Cuba.

March 25 

The first annual banquet of the Suffield Fish and Game Association will be held at Academy Hall in West Suffield next… The banquet will be served by the Ladies’ Wide-Awake Club… The sporting goods manufacturers have responded liberally with souvenirs and attractive literature and everyone who attends will be sure to get their money’s worth. There will be distinguished quests and a good speaker is expected.

The trout season will open April 1st… The fishermen’s license law, which is in the hands of the committee of the General Assembly at Hartford, if passed, would provide more funds for the stocking of the streams hereabouts… The bill which calls for a nominal fee would be no hardship and would bring good returns in a few years. By the bill women and boys under 16 years are exempt from its provisions.

Joseph F. Beaudry, aged 65 years, attempted to commit suicide by using an axe while in a fit of insanity at his home here… Beaudry called his daughter, Beatrice, 18 years old into the kitchen and attempted to strike her with an axe. She ran into the other part of the house and warned her brother-in-law, Clifton E. Stone, who found that his father had already struck himself several times with the axe in the head. He was examined by Drs. William E. Caldwell, health officer, and J. A. Gibbs of Suffield, who found that he was subject to fits of insanity.

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