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Dear Editor,

In April of 2019 we moved south to Suffield from West Springfield. We were also drawn by the physical beauty of rural Suffield with amazing historic homes and beautiful scenic roads and farmland.

We quickly learned of the existence of the group AntiBias AntiRacism Suffield through the Observer. ABAR Suffield is a group working diligently to embrace ALL people regardless of color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. As the parents of a gay son, we now feel like Suffield can truly be called “home.”

We were pleased to read of ABAR’s support of State Senator Anwar’s legislation which would “designate racism as a public health crisis in the state and establish a commission to study the impact of institutional racism on public health.”

As retired medical professionals, we recognize the correlation between racism and neglect directed toward Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) and the tremendous impact it has on both their mental and physical health. We were also pleased to hear that the Suffield Police Department will be equipping their officers with dash cameras and body cameras to be in compliance with the Police Accountability Bill. We realize that both will benefit our community and police department.

Thank you ABAR for all that you do for Suffield and its citizens.

Ann and Chet Franczyk 

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