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As I’m sure many of our readers have noticed, Rick Stromoski’s cartoon has been missing from the paper for the past couple of months. Rick has decided to end his time with the Observer, and the town will be the poorer for it. Rick’s cartoons have graced the paper since its inception over 20 years ago, filling his space with humor, criticism, understanding, passion and cutting-edge insight. Over the years, Rick has commented on national issues like immigration, a slow economy, the war in the Middle East and ISIS, the government bailout of banks, birth control, racism, the NRA and former President Trump. Town issues included airport noise, town development, political signage, zoning and planning rules, the new high school, town elections, transparency in government and Bridge Street School. More generally, Rick’s cartoons often demonstrated his ability to see the human side of us and make us laugh at ourselves.

While you as a reader may have disagreed with his viewpoints or applauded his take on a particular issue, there has always been an underlying honesty about Rick’s choices. He is passionate about his work, and while the Observer has not always been willing to share some of his editorial cartoons in the paper, we truly appreciate his work and his years of dedicated service. His insight will be sorely missed by so many.

Beth Chafetz
Co-editor in Chief 

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