Social Action Ministry

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The Social Action/Human Needs Ministry of Sacred Heart Church has had to adjust some of its work because of the COVID-19 epidemic. The goal of the committee is to try to help those who are trying to help themselves and their families.

According to Betty Sorrow, chairperson, most of their work is done in conjunction with Janet Frechette of the Suffield Community Aid. The eighteen-member group tries to fulfill the needs of the food bank by holding a monthly food collection. Janet informs the committee of items that are most needed by Community Aid, then the list is printed in the Church bulletin. If the collection does not get all of the items requested, then the members of the group shop for the items still needed. The collection occurs on the third Saturday and Sunday of each month. Many of the items are collected at the church but many others are dropped off at the Community Aid building on South Street

In spite of COVID-19, Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets and gifts were still supplied to families in need. Parishioners donated ample amounts of food and gift cards to the families that numbered between five and eight members. The members could not give fresh fruits and vegetables and turkeys with the holiday baskets, so grocery gift cards were given to supplement each basket. In addition to wish lists items, family members who needed a warm coat or jacket were supplied with one.

The Social Action committee members are hoping to be able to have their spring clothing collection this April and another in the fall if restrictions are lifted. Also, the members could not send birthday cards to the residents of Suffield House because of the virus. However the group will be able to give Easter baskets this year, only with individually wrapped candy.

Betty feels that even with the reduction in church members attending Mass that parishioners have given very generously this past year.

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