Changes Coming to Hilltop Farm

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Photo by Joan Heffernan

This disappointing haul is an example of what FOFAH volunteer Joan Heffernan regularly picks up in Hilltop’s open space.

Did you know that the Friends of the Farm at Hilltop lease and manage the Hilltop Open Space? That means that FOFAH pays rent to the Town of Suffield and is responsible for the care and maintenance of the property. Picking up the trash and repairing the damages caused by nature and visitors are all done by volunteers or paid for by this organization through donations.

In the next few weeks, FOFAH and the Town will be enforcing parking and trespassing regulations. Only authorized vehicles, with stickers, will be allowed within the entrance gate.  All other visitor vehicles should park in the marked designated Parking areas.

Furthermore, there should be no motorbikes or cars driving down to the bridge over the wetlands and observation deck.  Visitors are expected to walk along the laneway, keep dogs on a leash and take their trash home with them. Only authorized farm vehicles and those cars with State issued Handicap markers will be allowed within the fences.

Since the first lease, FOFAH has been committed to conservation and farming the land while improving the soils. There are several agreements that the organization has with local farmers to plant and grow crops. Many people do not know that the high grasses are the seasonal home to some nesting birds. FOFAH protects this area. Later in the season, the grasses are mowed for hay. This is a very necessary bird habitat as well as an agricultural crop.

Please join FOFAH in making Hilltop Farm a safe and enjoyable destination for all visitors by following the rules. 

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