Others May Think Differently

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Dear Editor:

In regards to your opinion piece (Good Listeners May Change Their Thinking, April 2021 issue) stating that some residents complain that The Suffield Observer is too liberal. I look at it through another prism that really is quite simple to discern.

It’s not necessarily that your paper is too liberal; it’s that you use liberalism as the sacrosanct benchmark to prove otherwise. Many of your readers consider liberalism a deity; I consider liberalism as a totalitarian catharsis destroying America.

Your opinion piece proves this perfectly with your praise for ‘not-all-there’ Biden, your biased view that “Vietnam is no longer an issue” (ask one of the 40,056 homeless vets living on the streets while Biden spends $86 million to house migrants in hotels) and you negate the fact the Democrat Party was behind the attacks at their Chicago convention in 1968. Finally, regarding civil rights and social justice, it was after all the Democrat Party that founded the KKK in 1865.

Instead of waiting for more conservative opinion to come to you, I suggest you take a long drive with open windows and a more open mind through the winding roads of Suffield where whilst I was growing up during this time of year, the sweet smell of freshly spread cow manure filled the air. Take in the aroma and realize that what many Suffield liberal elites think stinks, like contrary opinion, is precious.

Robert T. Molleur 

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