350th Book of Histories Coming Soon

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It looks like the publishing of the 350th book, Suffield Stories From Another Half-Century – 1970-2020, will be happening soon. The book is one part of the town’s 350th anniversary celebration and is still available to pre-order on the 350th website. We will notify those who have pre-ordered as soon as we know the delivery date.

This 370+ page book is a compilation of town history, including narratives written by over 100 of the town’s residents. The book includes six chapters. Chapter I is Town History over the past 50 years, Chapter II Suffield Farms, Chapter III Community Services and Resources, Chapter IV Churches, Chapter V Education and Chapter Suffield Memories. The book also contains many pictures provided by Suffield residents that will, hopefully, bring back memories for many of us of the past 50 years.

Please go to the 350th website at suffieldct.gov to place your order.

• Copies are $25 each for Suffield Stories From Another Half-Century – 1970-2020

• Copies are $25 each for the reprint of The Biography of a Town – Suffield, Connecticut 1670-1970 by Robert Alcorn, printed for Suffield’s 300th anniversary.

If you choose to purchase both, the cost is $40, a savings of $10.

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