Let’s Slow Down

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Dear Editor,

This letter is in response to the article “The Fast and the Furious.”

As a younger man in the 80’s, I never thought twice about speeding. It was the norm. Ten to fifteen miles or more above the limit was normal. That is until I hit the Windsor Locks town line. You slowed or received a ticket. You see, Windsor Locks had a reputation that if you speed, you get pulled over. It was that simple.

I lived on South Stone Street. The cut through traffic, as well as some residents was “fast and furious.” It simply does not matter what road you travel, people speed. It is normal and accepted. This needs to change.

Suffield can get a reputation to slow down or receive a ticket. A band-aid simply will not work. The answer is not simple. But it is there. We need to dig deep to find in our town budget the resources to hire two more police officers. By doing this, we can advocate officers to be present on roads that people typically speed.

Drivers simply will not slow down unless it costs them. Let’s do something now before it costs you or me much more than a fine…The loss of a loved one.

Charles Schweitzer

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