Plans Underway for Bridge Street Park

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The Bridge Street School site was graded and covered with new topsoil by late April, and the entire demolition region was hydroseeded by the end of that month. It’s been dampened by rain since, and with warming weather, the new grass may have appeared by the time this is read.

In 2006 the small softball field at the low end of the school’s side yard was improved with “Fenway Mix,” but erosion was troublesome, and the spot was restored to turf. The discussion of how to use the full space available now centers on recreation. There seems no longer to be a focus on commercial development there, at least in the short term.

In early May, the First Selectman’s office made available a Bridge Street Park Survey, asking for opinions regarding choices in details of park design, such as specific activities, materials for paths, design styles, park buildings, and related features. Photos were provided for several possible selections in each category. (The survey, which some recipients have found difficult to complete usefully, may have been the product of a landscape design firm contracted by the Town. “Hiking Trails” does seem an odd choice for that spot.)

In the meantime, when the grass is grown and the demolition fence is re-moved, Bridge Street Park, with its open space expanded to the full 3½ acres of the parcel, will be a nice place for dog walking, kite flying, and just running around playing tag (not among the survey’s choices). The park could offer playground space within walking distance of the Town Center not now available during school hours. And parking is informally available nearby at Suffield Village when the restaurants aren’t full. 

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