The Changing Face of Suffield

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I totally identified with the editorial by Jane Shipp, “New Traffic Lights” in the May 2021 Observer.

  “Uglier additions to our town center are hard to imagine.” I have seen this “new” eyesore traffic signal in other locations and had the same reaction. Where were the Selectmen and Suffield Historic District Commission (and Zoning?) input on this?

  Suffield, as well as many other communities, are facing a new wave of eyesores ranging from a prison, signage, solar panel fields (2? in Suffield), windmills (New England), Amazon distribution centers (2+ in Windsor), massive power lines (1 in Suffield) and a gas line that run through along Route 75 to Massachusetts.

  In addition, there are several instances where seven or more cars and trucks are parked along the driveways at a local residence. In my own situation, a neighboring horse training center parked a third large semi-trailer across the street for the purpose of storing hay. My two requests to the Zoning Enforcement Officer and one to the Selectman and Zoning Chairman to have this large white trailer removed were unsuccessful. No effort has been made for more reasonable storage options, placement or camouflaging to moderate the eyesore.

  Some of the projects are away from sight but I am guessing that many have intruded on the “pastoral” community of my fellow citizens.

  If anyone else feels the way I do please feel free to contact me at

  Obsession with national politics has caused us to overlook what is happening under our noses.

  Take back your community.

  Larry Edwards

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