It Was a Rainy Summer, with Strong Wind Gusts

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Photos by Lester Smith

On June 8, an Asplundh power line crew works to restore service in the neighborhood and open Remington Street after a tree crew had removed offending tree limbs. The trunk of the big tree still stands at the right. Many Suffield roads were blocked in late afternoon on July 7 after a storm that brought spotty periods of strong gusts and heavy rain.
With a private lake in its front yard, a house on South Main Street becomes waterside property. There were many such lakes in town on Sunday evening, August 22, after tropical storm Henri left its mark.
Kyler and Caysoe Gamere, 4 and 7 years old, explore wading on a blacktop beach near the Muddy Brook bridge on Stiles Lane. The brook had overtopped the roadway by about one foot earlier that Thursday afternoon, September 2, after rainstorm Ida passed by overnight. Three Suffield Academy staff homes on the far side of the bridge were not stranded, but the long detour via Hill Street on an unpaved road was challenging.

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