Suffield Trivia

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  1. Oliver Hanchett was appointed deputy sheriff for Hartford County in the late 1700s. His home was on Mountain Road across from the current Spaulding School. Unfortunately, his house is no longer in Suffield. Daryl Hall of Hall and Oats, the pop rock duo, bought the house and moved it to New York State. In the basement of his house, Hanchett built…
    1. A courtroom
    2. A school for deputies
    3. A prisoner lockup
  2. In Kenneth Roberts’ book Arundel, a novel based on facts, Oliver Hanchett appears as his true self who …
    1. Apprehended counterfeiters in the Connecticut colony
    2. Commanded the Connecticut Company as it headed up to Quebec together with Benedict Arnold to meet up with General Montgomery during the American Revolutionary War
    3. Provided supplies to the Connecticut militia during the Revolutionary War
  3. Select the name(s) of Indian paths associated with the Connecticut and Massachusetts area.
    1. Connecticut Path
    2. Bay Path
    3. Agawam Trail
  4. Travel along Indian paths was much easier in the time of the Native Americans because the forests were regularly burned to reduce the undergrowth. The paths avoided rivers and streams and steep climbs whenever possible. What is another characteristic of them?
    1. They were easy to find.
    2. The Native Americans traveled in single file, regardless of the size of their party, as a protective measure.
    3. There is no longer any trace of them.
  5. For what purpose did General Gordon Granger, a direct descendant of Lancelot Granger who was one of Suffield’s first settlers, march with his troops into Galveston, Texas in 1865?
    1. To help with the Galveston flood in the aftermath of a hurricane
    2. To inform the Texas military of the end of slavery upon the surrender of General Lee to General Grant.
    3. To fight in the Battle of Galveston during the Civil War.
  6. ABAR is a new group in Suffield which supports justice for all people. What does ABAR stand for?
    1. Anti-Bias Anti-Racism
    2. Against Bullying Against Racism
    3. A Body Against Racism
  7. Early Suffield colonists drank cider, brandy and metheglin. What is metheglin?
    1. A beer from malted barley
    2. An herbal tea made from lavender
    3. A spiced mead
  8. The Eagle Mill built in 1816 on Stony Brook was the first American paper mill to…
    1. Be constructed in the new republic.
    2. Introduce mechanized printing.
    3. Supply paper for the American government.
  9. Mrs. Fuller who owned the Phelps-Hatheway House until her death in the 1950s, invited Wallace Nutting, her friend, to the house. Who was Wallace Nutting?
    1. He was a consultant for the Winterthur Museum in Delaware which ultimately bought and completely removed the dining room in the Oliver Phelps section of the house.
    2. He was a luxury house realtor, who represented Joan Crawford, the actress, who was interested in buying the house.
    3. He was an antiques expert, photographer of nostalgic scenes and an entrepreneur who manufactured reproductions of colonial furniture.
  10. Located in southeast Suffield since the 1960s is the HP Hood Ice Cream plant. One of their very popular products is the ice cream sandwich. According to Jeri Quinzio, a food author, what is the origin of the ice cream sandwich?
    1. New York street vendors invented it. At first, they placed ice cream between two pieces of paper.
    2. Marie Antoinette invented it, using white cake instead of a chocolate cookie.
    3. The Chinese invented ice cream. Marco Polo invented the ice cream sandwich. Returning from China, he preserved ice cream samples between two pieces of sweet bread, packed in snow.

1. c. A prisoner lockup
2. b. He commanded the Connecticut Company to Quebec. He also apprehended counterfeiters before and after the war, but that wasn’t detailed in Robert’s book.
3. All are correct
4. b. The Native Americans traveled in single file, making it difficult for colonists to find them or bring a cart through it.
5. b. On June 19th of that year, he informed the Texas military of the end of slavery. The date is Juneteenth, now a federal holiday, enacted this year.
6. a. Anti-Bias Anti-Racism
7. c. A spiced mead
8. c. Supply paper for the American government
9. c. He was an antiques expert. The Wadsworth Atheneum has a collection of his furniture donated by J.P. Morgan, Jr. At the Phelps-Hatheway House, Wallace Nutting advised Mrs. Fuller on colonial interiors and made wooden covers to hide the radiators in the Pine Room. One of the covers, modeled to look colonial, remains in the house.
10. a. New York street vendors.

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