Letters to the Editor

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Thank you, Suffield Village Market

Dear Editor,

I wanted to say a special thank you to the new owners of the Suffield Village Market for allowing me and my fellow VFW Post 9544 members to set up our Poppy Drive table outside their store. Also, thank you to all of you that were so generous in helping make it successful.

Gene Skowron
Junior Vice Commander
VFW Post 9544

Thank you, Suffield

Dear Editor,

Our 50th year of service to the community came to an end with the board of Friends of Suffield delivering a check to Suffield Community Aid. We appreciate all the support the town of Suffield has provided our group over the past 50 years. We hope you have fond memories of many of our projects. Projects that included meeting Santa in your home, meeting the Easter Bunny at Spaulding School, enjoying a meal with Bingo at the Senior Center, or by being a recipient of one of our grants. We had many projects over the years, but our biggest was always Suffield on the Green and Craft Fair. We hope you will continue to support Suffield on the Green in the future as the Knights of Columbus and Suffield Rotary clubs are already planning for a great Suffield on the Green in 2022!

Keep supporting these and other great groups in our community. Suffield is a great place to live!

Lori Sych and the Friends of Suffield

Thank You to Melissa Mack, our Retiring First Selectman

Dear Ms. Mack,

In the humble opinion of this citizen, all points considered, “great job” does not describe the stellar work you did while in office as our First Selectman these past six years. To many of us watching, your collaborative management style created the right parameters for good research, planning and decision making to take place. That approach delivered on numerous town priority projects that benefited all citizens and the work of your administration, in cooperation with other town officials, was undertaken with the objective of proactively staying ahead of problems before they negatively impacted our town.

The above governing model supported good decisions based on research, and facts, in a timely manner, regardless of the “opinion” of any political faction in town – pro or con. In striving to do it right, the administration of Mrs. Mack successfully guided numerous priority town initiatives to fruition while keeping citizen taxes stable throughout. Her impressive list of achievements, a matter of record, serve as tribute to a municipal management style that worked (whether every town faction liked every decision, or not). Last, but not least, it was “refreshing” to have a leader motivated to “get it done right and on time” vs. certain past administrations that seemed more committed to always be on the lookout for new and creative ways to “kick the can down the road” by ordering endless studies of one town issue after another, followed by “no action.”

Thanks for the excellence that defined your administration of Suffield.

Dave Kannen

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