Suffield Garden Club Transition Students “Give Back”

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The Suffield Garden Club was the recipient of the East Windsor transition student community service outreach program on Wednesday, October 10. The program is supervised by Laurin Charanian and has 12 students ranging in age from 16 to 22. The goal of the program is to transition students into the world of work by providing daily living and community service lessons and skills for working in private as well as public organizations and businesses.

The students had a week of learning about community service and the importance of giving back in two days of classroom learning and one afternoon of hands-on service in Suffield. There were ten students and five teachers from the high school involved in the gardening projects. They mulched 23 dogwood trees on South Main Street and worked on grooming the Hatheway gardens for the winter. This involved cutting back perennials and removing clippings and cleanup.

The next time you see them in town, stop by and say hello.

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