FOFAH Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

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The Friends of the Farm at Hilltop, Inc. (FOFAH) will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year, and many events are being planned to celebrate this milestone with the community.

This year FOFAH will achieve its dream – to open the Big White Barn to the public. Renovations will have been completed, inspected, and approved by town and state agencies, and the barn will be open for events and programs. 2022 will also be the year that the barn gets a fresh coat of paint. The Farm Store and Creamery will be open for gelato, ice cream snacks and local agricultural products this summer and the Suffield community will finally be able to fully experience the beauty of the barn which has been called “Connecticut’s Agricultural Cathedral”.

It was 2002 when FOFAH began its mission of transforming an empty, overgrown farm into a vibrant regional center for nature and agriculture. This happened with the support of many people, countless hours of work by dedicated volunteers, and the cooperation of local businesses along with the State and Town governments. FOFAH entered into a lease with the Town of Suffield to manage the Hilltop East open space and in 2013 FOFAH was able to purchase the 7.9-acre farmstead. Since that time the restoration of the barn, three houses, garage and chicken coop have been ongoing.

The open space property has been enhanced for public use by clearing and maintaining the trails, installing observation binoculars with Zak Grant monies for wildlife and river viewing and creating Community Gardens. Hay and tobacco are farmed, and FOFAH continues to work with the State to protect the bald eagles and other nesting birds. 

Help FOFAH celebrate its milestone year. Be part of Hilltop Farm! Join FOFAH and become a volunteer. FOFAH is looking forward to creating new dreams for the next 20 years.

See for announcements and ongoing programs.

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