Let’s make February a Month of Love! 

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At a recent meeting of our Growth and Outreach ministry, we focused on helping others. I saw was a recent post on Facebook where someone picked up their lunch and a note was attached to it that said, “In a country so divided, only good and love can overcome hate. Please enjoy your lunch and pay it forward to help our country move forward.”  

We all too often forget that even our smallest actions can impact so many. Love and kindness are timeless traits.  They don’t cost a dime, and you can share them anywhere. Love and kindness do not discriminate and can bring together people of all walks of life.  We can show our love for one another no matter how young or old.  Our actions speak louder than words and these actions, even the smallest, can make a huge difference in someone’s day and in your community. 

So, here at Second Baptist Church, we have designated February as The Month of Love. 
It’s as simple as getting your family involved in a few random acts of kindness.  These do not have to be huge gestures. Sometimes even the smallest act of kindness can have the biggest impact. 

Join us during the month of February and spread the love at these events:

 February 6– “Souper Bowl Sunday”: come by and purchase some soup and cornbread. All proceeds will go to Suffield Community Aid. 
February 13 – Sew or sponsor a “Hat for Hope”. (Instructions will be available) Completed hats will be donated to local shelters.  

February 20 – Drop off donations for “Blessing Bags.“  These items include: nail clippers, bandages, comb and/or brush, hand lotion, lip balm, face towels, toothbrush and toothpaste, wet wipes, deodorant, tissues, bar of soap. We will put everything into a sock and tie them up, add a note, and distribute them to local shelters. Or, you can ask for one to keep in your car and handout yourself. A Donation Box can be found in the hall by the Fellowship Hall or call the church office at 860-668-1661.  
February 27 – Make a Birthday Kit to share with a family. Each kit should include a cake mix, icing, candles, and sprinkles, all wrapped in a disposable pan. Call Sue when your kit is done at 860-402-7813 or drop it off at the church.  
 Which random act of kindness will you make it a point to do today to show that you love your neighbor? Together we can make February a “Month of Love”.  

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