Paint the Big White Barn at Hilltop

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Photo by Don Drawling

The big white barn at Hilltop Farm

For the last 19 years, visitors to Hilltop Farm have been telling us that we need to paint the big white barn! Now, for our 20th anniversary, The Friends of the Farm at Hilltop, Inc. (FOFAH) are finally going to be able to do it!

The process of repairing or replacing damaged siding is already underway. Then any chipped paint needs to be sanded off before the barn can be primed and painted. The project will take all summer, and the cost is estimated to be $200,000.

FOFAH may be able to qualify for a grant to cover half the cost of painting the barn, but we will be expected to raise the other half. Please pitch in to help us raise the $100,000 needed to match this very generous grant! Your $20 contribution will cover the cost of preparing and painting two square feet of the almost 20,000 square feet of barn siding.

Please visit to contribute to our online GoFundMe fundraiser or for information on other contribution options.

The Friends of the Farm look forward to celebrating our anniversary year with you!

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