Suffield Board of Education Appoints Mrs. Shannon Insero as SHS Assistant Principal

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The Suffield Board of Education is pleased to announce the official appointment of Mrs. Shannon Insero as Assistant Principal of Suffield High School. The Board of Education’s decision to appoint Mrs. Insero follows her successful six-month tenure as an Interim Assistant Principal at Suffield High School and a formal interview conducted Monday evening with the Board of Education.

Mrs. Insero’s pathway to school leadership began fifteen years ago with her first teaching position at A. Ward Spalding School in 2003. Since then, she has held multiple roles within the district that provided her many invaluable experiences. As an elementary classroom teacher, she fostered a love of learning by developing hands-on investigations that were individualized to each student. As a Library Media Specialist, she was able to share her passion for literature, research and technology. As a STEM Instructional Coach, she furthered her commitment to teaching by offering professional development opportunities to colleagues, rewriting district curriculum, and following current trends in educational programs for the purpose of program improvement. The diversity of experiences she has had over her fifteen-year career in Suffield suggests that her transition to Suffield High School will be met with similar success.

For the past six months as Interim Assistant Principal, Mrs. Insero’s presence has had a positive impact on the students and staff of Suffield High School. Through her collaborative leadership style, she has successfully engaged various stakeholders in program improvements such as Freshman Orientation, Capstone, Academic and Social Intervention Programming, and Data- informed Practices. She has gained the trust and respect of the entire school community as result of her high expectations, enthusiasm, dedication and commitment.

In terms of her educational background, Assistant Principal Insero completed her Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Connecticut. She went on to receive her Master of Arts in Elementary Education from the University of Connecticut, and her Sixth Year in Educational Administration from Sacred Heart University. Mrs. Insero also received her cross- endorsement in Library-Media from Central Connecticut State University. As we look to the future we are confident that Suffield High School will continue to thrive under the collaborative leadership of Assistant Principal Insero.

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