Suffield Trivia

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1. Ruth Loiseau has worked at the White House during the administrations of Ronald Reagan to Barack Obama.  What was her job at the White House? 

a) Communications Director
b) Floral Designer
c) White House photographer

2. Emily Sweeney participated in her second Olympics in February 2022 after breaking her neck and back during an accident in the 2018 Olympics.  What is her sport? 

a) Figure skating
b) Snow boarding
c) Luge

3. In the 1924 school superintendent’s report, 76 students were listed as “retarded.” Retarded in the report was defined as students placed in grade levels two or more years below their chronological age.    What were the two primary reasons for this “retardation?” 

a) Lack of English
b) Starting school as an older student
c) Illicit absence

4. Are any of the following statements untrue regarding the history of the First Baptist Church on Hill Street. 

a) It is the oldest Baptist Church in Hartford County.
b) Joseph Hastings, the first minister, believed that women should be allowed to speak out in meetings, a right previously held only by men.
c) The church became inactive in 1922 while Jesse Fowler Smith was the minister.  

5. A well-known children’s author and illustrator acknowledged Arlene and Norman Coulter on the title page of her book, The Umbrella.” She also dedicated the book to the Coulter’s granddaughter, Bethany Coulter-Fusiek.  The Coulters own an award-winning dairy farm at the corner of Hale and Taintor Streets. The two families became friends when Norman sold two of his fancy bantam chickens to the author.  Who is the author? 

a) Jan Brett
b) Jane Yolen
c) Sandra Boynton  

6. The total number of victims of Suffield’s 1918 flu epidemic was 

a) 21
b) 11
c) 30  

7. Which of the following is not the name of a small hill in Suffield? 

a) Tinker Hill
b) Weed Hill
c) Codfish Hill  

8. 250 years ago, the site where Sacred Heart Church now stands was called 

a) Wolf Pit Plain
b) Skeeterhawk Plain
c) Birch Plain  

9. Suffield artist Willis Seaver Adams was a significant painter.  There are over 400 of his known works and nearly 50 exhibitions.  In 1876, when he was 32, Adams acquired renown for a portrait of…  

a) Rutherford B. Hayes
b) Mark Twain
c) Edith Wharton  

10. When did Suffield open its first public kindergarten program? 

a) 1950
b) 1958
c) 1966  


1. b.  Floral Designer   

2. c.  Luge 

3. a.  Lack of English and c. Illicit absence.  Most were children of newly arrived immigrants who didn’t speak English at home and/or were kept home to work on family farms.  Divided into racial groups, which the superintendent deemed wasn’t important, the 76 children consisted of:  51.4% Polish, 32% American, 6.1% Irish, 5.2% Black, 2.5% French and 1.7% Italian.   

4. All are true. 

5. a.  Jan Brett 

6. a.  21.  In the 1918 epidemic 675,000 people died in the United States. As of this writing over 914,000 have died in the United States from the Covid-19 virus. 

7. b.  Weed Hill.  Tinker Hill is near Mapleton Avenue and Halladay Avenue East.  Codfish Hill is on Prospect Street although an online topographic map lists it as Prospect Hill.  

8. b. Skeeterhawk Plain (skeeterhawks are whippoorwills). The land was also called Musketohawk Plain (for mosquitos?) 

9. a.  Rutherford B. Hayes 

10.  c.  1966 

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