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Clock Dance by Anne Tyler. Vintage Books 2019. 292 pp.

The novel is about Willa Drake and her family and friends. It starts in 1997 when she is a young girl, but most of her story is when she is grown and married. She flies to Baltimore to take on a child – Claudia, who is the daughter of a girl who her son Sean used to date. It is at this period in her life when she is raising Claudia. A nice addition to the story is Airplane, Claudia’s dog.

I found my first Anne Tyler book “Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant” at a college bookstore when my husband and I were dropping my daughter off at the college. I was hooked, and then read all her books. It’s been a while since her last novel. I have to say I was a little disappointed. It was good enough but not her best. I didn’t come across the perfect phrase which I had come to expect, but she does have a way with words.

The title is only mentioned once in the book and I wondered if she just couldn’t think of a better one. The ending as a total surprise.

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