Voter Registry Privacy Program

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Connecticut’s Voter Registry Privacy Program (VRPP) went into effect last year. It works to protect individuals and families who fear for their life or safety by restricting the disclosure of their information from the State’s Voter Registry. It may be used by any individual who swears under penalty of perjury that disclosure of their information on the official voter registry list endangers their safety and/or their family. This program only limits the disclosure of information from the official voter registry of Connecticut. It does not limit disclosure of any other information such as DMV, marriage records, birth records, etc. An application form is available on line at

The VRPP is very different from the Address Confidentiality Program (ACP). The ACP is designed to protect a victim of family violence, injury, or risk of injury to a child, sexual assault or stalking who has permanently and confidentially moved away from their abuser. More information can be found on line at

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