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We Can Be Better

Dear Editor,

Two years ago, the Suffield Democratic Town Committee (DTC) published a letter in the Observer confirming our commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion.

Since then, there have been numerous discussions regarding systemic racism and anti-LGBTQ actions. The DTC thanks the Suffield individuals, organizations and businesses who funded and organized these discussions.

Unfortunately, we are still dealing with systemic racism and exclusion. Recently, there have been incidents in the schools and in town that, in our opinion, have been met with half-hearted responses by the Boards of Selectmen and Education.

Many want to believe that racism does not exist in Suffield. Others dismiss youthful acts of intolerance and hate with a “where’s the harm?” platitude. Both positions are wrong. Threats to kill people of color or creating a “lynching list” are not harmless acts. Attempting to remove library resources so they are unavailable to individuals looking for answers and searching for community, harms both the individual and the entire town.

Attitudes that were condoned in the past are simply not acceptable. Insensitive children imitate, and then grow into, intolerant adults.

The DTC calls upon our local elected officials for increased transparency regarding the recent incidents and during investigations of any future incidents.

The DTC supports candidates who believe in the democratic ideal of a government that fosters opportunity and security for all citizens. We strive to uphold individual dignity and embrace diversity, while working to promote a sense of kinship. We welcome all to work with us to create a stronger, united Suffield.

We can be better.

Tom Frenaye – Chair of the Suffield DTC

Republican Town Committee Looking for Volunteers

Dear Suffield Republicans,

Let me first introduce myself. I am Tracy Hespelt, the newly appointed Chair of the Suffield Republican Town Committee. (RTC)  I am honored to be reaching out to you and look forward to getting to know more members of the community we love and share. The RTC is in search of individuals wishing to serve our community by volunteering to be appointed as a Justice of the Peace, our Republican Registrar of Voters or the Board of Education.

If you are interested in serving for these positions, please reach out to me, and I’d be happy to discuss further what each job entails.

Your support in our community is always appreciated.

Tracy A. Hespelt – Chair of the Suffield RTC

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