Order Back-to-School Supply Kits, Save Time and Help SFES

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It’s no surprise to anyone at this point that COVID has devastated many things. Unfortunately, the SFES major fundraiser, our dinner dance auction, has not been held for the last two years and will unlikely to be held this year. As we usually make upwards of $25,000 on that fundraiser, its absence has definitely been felt. Accordingly, because of the times, we have tried to hold much smaller fundraisers so that we may continue to fund grants to our schools and keep our organization and its mission in people’s minds.

On this note, we are partnering with 1st Day School supplies to help busy Spaulding and McAlister parents by enabling them to purchase a back- to- school supply kit which includes a $5 donation to the SFES. We have worked with teachers to prepare the supply list and 1st Day has guaranteed our schools the impossible to find and highest quality brands like Crayola, Elmers, Fiskars, Purcell, and Clorox.

With all the supply chain issues this is the only hassle free way to go! The kits will be delivered to the school with a pick-up date in August. To order go to www.1stdayschoolsupplies.com and enter Suffield’s zipcode 06078. All orders must be in by July 1.

And speaking of smaller fundraisers, we would like to thank the following families who participated in our Honor Thy Educator program. For a donation to SFES, the teachers selected by the families were presented with a certificate of appreciation and an SFES mug filled with candy during teacher appreciation week.

Kudos to the Burke, Boone, Chicaiza, Cotrone, Hamylak, Jeffrey, Johnson, Mandirola, McNerney, Pixton, Provera, Ransdell, Roger, Sheehan, Staunton and Walsh Families for their participation in this worthy cause! We raised $500 for Suffield students.

Donations were made in honor of the following teachers:

At Spaulding
Mrs. Bage, Mrs. Baltazar, Mr. Bourgoin, Mrs. Chandra, Miss Chickora, Mrs. Colangelo, Mrs. Elsner, Ms. Morrison, Mrs. Mule, Mrs. Simmons, Mrs. Underkoffler

At McAlister
Mrs. Cronin, Mrs. Harrington, Mrs. Meyer, Mrs. Moriarty, Mrs. Motter, Mrs. Popeleski, Ms. Rinaldi, Ms. Wood

At Suffield High School
Mr. Beigel, Mr. Cashinghino, Mr. Huppe, Mrs. Oliver, Mrs. Sweeney, Mr. Wheeler

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