Rusty Bridge to be Replaced

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Driving south down Quarry Road from the end of Phelps Road, one crosses a little bridge, hardly noticeable except for the two quick bump-bumps as the tires cross its ends. And even those sounds are softened because the waterway below passes under at an angle, so the bridge is skewed. It’s about a mile down from Phelps Road, and, within another tenth of a mile, Quarry Road crosses the town line into Granby, where the name changes to Hungary Road. That’s HUNNgary, as some locals pronounce it. A more noticeable bridge has just been replaced a few yards into our neighboring town, carrying Hungary Road over a small brook that drains a swamp.

But the little bridge in Suffield will cost almost a million dollars, according to the 2022-2023 Town budget easily approved on May 11 by about 50 citizens in Suffield Middle School. Half the cost is to be paid from a State grant. The surprising cost reflects the skewed crossing and the need to build entirely new abutments. (Those factors raised the cost of the recently completed Remington Street Bridge.)

Photo by Lester Smith
This little bridge carries Quarry Road over the remains of the old Farmington Canal. The present rail trail is behind the camera.

The bridge’s aged abutments have caused concern, along with its serious rustiness. Now that its replacement has been approved, work can begin as soon as the selected contractor is able. The road will be closed during the work; possible detours, depending on one’s planned destination, are not very long.

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