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Local Signs Concern

Dear Editor,

We are writing to express our extreme displeasure with signage on the barn directly across the street from Spaulding School on Mountain Road.

As many are aware, “Let’s Go Brandon” is a euphemism for a vulgar expression regarding President Biden. For those who are not aware of its intended message, there is also a three-letter acronym on the sign that reads “FJB”. The last two letters stand for Joe Biden. One can easily deduce what the letter “F” stands for. Not only is the message abhorrent to many who read it, it’s in plain view of Spaulding School children, who are in kindergarten through second grade. These children have older siblings or friends who are aware of the intended message and could have already communicated it to them. The person who put this sign up, should remove it immediately.

There are more civil and effective ways to express one’s political views.

Paul and Nancy Carew

Is it Our Problem?

Dear Editor,

The U.S. has always had authoritarian tendencies due to being founded on institutional racism and also by stealing the land from the indigenous people and the enslavement of Africans to build this country for and enrich the enslavers.

If you are White this could be ignored, because it’s not “your problem.” You didn’t enslave anyone – you just benefited from the system it created: the ability to live anywhere in the country due to the history of redlining and discrimination that decides who is “worthy” of basic decency and who is not.

America boasts about its exceptionalism and world leadership while discriminating against other human beings for things over which they have no control – skin color, gender, sexual orientation.

So, if you haven’t been able to avoid being mistreated by America, you also aren’t surprised that this country is not as democratic as it tells everyone it is.

I posit that this country has engaged in decades of magical thinking by trying to “wish” itself a 10 on the anocracy scale. In reality, this country has probably always hovered closer to the middle of the scale because it refuses to resolve our issues of discrimination, hatred and othering of our fellow human beings.

If we want to fix this problem, we need to acknowledge our original sins and then work openly and honestly to treat each other with dignity and respect. And most importantly to fully destroy the notion that only White straight people are the epitome of America.
Then we will truly be a democracy.

Rick Stromoski

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