Tiny Art

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On a Saturday morning at the Kent Library in early August, this photographer came across a colorful display of several dozen little square panels painted variously. This turned out to be the culmination of a program called Tiny Art, financed and supported by the Friends of the Library, a group in which I was once quite active, so I checked it out. The program had encouraged participants of any age to paint what they wanted on the 4-inch square panels they were given, along with a small supply of colored paint and brushes. The results were set out on a long table on a little easel with a name tag – just the creator’s name, not the name of the creation, and no suggestion of the creator’s age.

It was a most interesting assortment, including original creations, renderings of famous art, cartoons, and abstractions, intentional or otherwise. So out came my camera. Some of the results are shown here.

Photo by Lester Smith
This colorful, perhaps confusing, example of tiny art was created by Michaela Head, 13, who agreed it could remain nameless. The photographer judged it an award-worthy abstraction.
Photo by Lester Smith
Three friendly members of the Head family who happened to be at the library pose next to their tiny art. From the left: Jasmine, 9, with either a sunrise or a sunset, as the viewer chooses; Michaela, 13, with a nameless abstraction; and Mason, 11, who said his was a picture of a picture of a picture.

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