Flat Track Bike Racer Leads the Pack

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Calliana Pock’s love of flat track bike racing goes back to when she watched her neighbor’s older brothers ride. Her Dad, Troy, has been coaching her and two years ago, at age 14, she began to race competitively.

As Calliana talks about the sport, it is clear that at 16, she possesses a lot of knowledge about clutch work, track conditions, the workings and mechanical understanding of the machine and the sport. This comprehension gives the appearance of someone having many more years of racing experience. Her understanding has resulted in her placing in the top 1-3 race spots for the last year. She is racing with a KX100, a race bike which operates on a dirt track.

Originally from Sioux Falls, SD, the family moved to Suffield in 2016. Racing this past summer at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Sturgis, SD, Calliana placed third or better in six races over a four-day period.

Calliana, a Suffield High School junior, races in three classes; the Women, the Open and the 85. In the Open and the 85, the competitors are both male and female. Age does not determine the class you enter. It is determined by the speed of the bike (i.e. 85cc, 100cc), which means she is racing against all ages, male and female.

Each race has three components; the practice, the heat, which determines your starting lane for the actual race and then the actual race.

Protective riding gear is essential. Layers of gear worn during the race protect the rider from dirt/rocks, falls/collisions and engine temperatures (legs). Riding in extreme heat with heavy protective gear makes keeping hydrated equally essential. The number of laps in the race are usually 10 (approximately one eighth of a mile).

Photos provided by the author Calliana stays in the lead.

The sponsors that help support Calliana’s passion, ability to travel to/from the race locations, race fees and any repairs needed to maintain her bike are Ray Daddario, RayCo Development (Suffield, CT), Motorsports International (Auburn, MA) and MOMS (Enfield, CT). If interested in becoming a sponsor, you can contact Calliana’s Dad at troy.pock@ge.com.

Photos provided by the author Calliana prepares for her race.

The last three races for the season will be held at NHMX Flat Track in Lempster, NH on September 17, October 1 and 15. We wish Calliana luck and continued success.

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