The Giving Garden at Hilltop Farm

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In early June, a teacher from the Suffield High School Agriscience department contacted Hilltop Farm in regard to donating plants. Her plant propagation class planted many seedlings to sell at school and they had many left over. She offered them to the Community Garden at Hilltop Farm. Some of the community gardeners eagerly planted some in their gardens, but many were left over. As a result an idea was born!

One of the community gardeners would not be using one of her plots due to unforeseen circumstances. Rather than see a vacant plot, we established a “Giving Garden.” When the seedlings were delivered, “given” to us by the teachers and students, we “gave” them a place to grow. We prepared the plot and asked other gardeners (if interested) to “give” a little time to help this project work. We asked people to “give” the plants water until they became established, then help with weeding if needed. We are happy to report that we are now able to “give” the harvest to Enfield Loaves and Fishes.

The resident rabbits enjoyed some of the seedlings as well, but we were able to replant many of the tomatoes, which are flourishing.

This community of gardeners nurtured their crops during the summer drought, enjoyed the beauty of Hilltop Farm, and also found time to Pay it Forward. Thanks to all who “gave” their time.

Photo by Joan Heffernan
The second batch of tomatoes delivered from the Hilltop Farm Giving Garden is pictured on September 6.

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