Welcome to the Library

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This is a phrase I have been hearing a lot lately, along with its variations: Welcome to the Kent Memorial Library, Welcome to Suffield. As the new kid in town, it has been such a treat to encounter so many friendly people. Suffield is a beautiful town, and the Kent Memorial Library is in such a unique and attractive building filled with friendly and helpful staff. It’s been a lot of fun exploring both.

It is now my job to welcome you to the library. I’ve met many of you already, and I am looking forward to meeting many more. When was the last time you stopped by the library? I know many of you are here pretty regularly. For some, though, I’ll bet it’s been since before COVID, or maybe it’s been a few years more than that. And for others, maybe you haven’t been here since childhood, or perhaps you’ve never been here–yet.

As someone who is exploring the KML for the first time, I can tell you, we have something for everyone. And not just books! Did you know we hold a movie night every week in our auditorium? Not a movie buff? No problem! You can…

Read the paper
Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea
Work on your laptop (free wifi!)
Research local history
Meet with a social worker
Learn a new skill
Participate in a book discussion
Join our writers group
Borrow a free museum pass
View new art
Meet an author
And so much more!

Don’t have a library card? Many of our services and programs don’t require one. But remember, library cards are free and give you access to so much more than what’s inside the building.

The public library isn’t just a place for folks to read books and keep to themselves. It’s a vibrant, joyful place, filled with great discussions, children laughing, and the whole family enjoying a movie. It’s also one of the few places you can visit and enjoy services and activities without spending any money. And while the library may have changed over the years, our commitment to connecting people with information has never diminished. Information is so widely available now, how do we sort it all out? How do we know what is reliable, what is relevant, or even current? The library has staff who are trained to help you find what you need, on your terms. No matter who you are, what you like, what you believe – the public library is a place for you. The library is built on a commitment to support your goals, your dreams, and your day to day life. You get to decide what the library means to you. So if you haven’t been in in a while, we look forward to seeing you again – we are better than ever! And for those who are new to KML – come check us out and see for yourself. And for our regulars, we’ll see you tomorrow!

Welcome to the library.

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