A Moment in Time: Old Photos Invited from Our Readers

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Photo by Roger Loomis

Sergeant Jack Chagnon of West Suffield waves happily at the crowd as Suffield’s welcoming parade passes through Suffield Center on September 28, 1953. He had been released from a North Korean prison camp, where he was tortured and confined in a small cell for 32 months. Upon his release, he was treated and rehabilitated in an Army hospital, then given leave to come home. Suffield’s parade paused at the Soldiers Monument for speeches and the gift of a new car. According to the Hartford Courant, the parade was viewed by 2,500 people. A 1949 graduate of Suffield High School, Chagnon continued his Army service, during which he earned a B. S. degree while stationed in Japan, before retiring in 1969. He then held leadership positions in Mobil Oil for 19 years, then in Atlas Oil for 21 years. He died in 2009 and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

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