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Haitian Independence Day By Elias Vega

Many human beings celebrate the New Year. But sadly, many people neglect the 12,000,000 individuals that celebrate Haitian Independence Day. Fifteen percent of the world is Haitian, and we should pay more attention to different holidays around the world. To value Haitian Independence Day, we first need to talk about its history.

Even though it may seem like there are always two sides in a war, the Haitian Revolution was actually a war where three parties emerged.

It started in 1659, when the French Colony of Haiti – then known as Saint Domingue -was confirmed. The colony was hugely successful financially because it made a profit from African slaves. The rest of the population mostly consisted of white plantation owners, white artisans and shopkeepers, and affranchis, people of African or mixed descent that were free.

The Haitian Revolution outlasted the French Revolution, its inspiration. It also caused the Louisiana Purchase even though it expanded slavery to that territory, where the French sold North American property to the United States. The most important thing that it did, however, was scare France AND Britain into stopping the slave trade in their own countries.

Go celebrate Haitian Independence Day!

The Texas Horned Lizard By Clay Libby

Have you ever heard of the Texas horned lizard? They live in the South-Central regions of the US, and they have a creepy feature that helps them survive. They shoot blood out of their eyes when they’re threatened! They pressure the muscles in their heads, their muscles squeeze on veins stopping the blood movement; then blood can flow into the lizard’s head and can’t get out. Once it’s in, the pressure in the blood vessels builds. Then blood comes squirting out of the edge of its eye. Scientists don’t know if all species can shoot blood out of their eyes. The lizards that can shoot blood out of their eyeballs can put on a pretty cool show switching eyes, turning one of them off and one on. Fun fact: in a study, a horned lizard lost about half its blood and lived fine. The horned lizard saves most of its blood for predators, such as dogs. They also have to shoot the blood right to the receptors in the predator’s mouth or they will most likely end up dead.

My Jasper June Book Review By Alix Morrison

I have just finished My Jasper June by Laurel Snyder. It is about Leah, who’s been feeling lost. She’s been this way for a while now, ever since her little brother, Sam, drowned. It’s been just over a year since the incident happened, but her parents are still acting like emotionless ghosts, and never bring up the topic. They haven’t even opened up his bedroom door since it happened. But a new girl, Jasper, that Leah meets, starts to bring back memories of Sam. Leah is even brave enough to tell Jasper the whole story of him drowning. Leah starts to sense that Jasper is hiding something from her: she will never let Leah come to her house. With weeks of begging constantly, Jasper finally caves in and takes Leah to her home. Leah is shocked to see Jasper’s situation, which is an abandoned house on the outskirts of the farm behind Leah’s. She is even more surprised by Jasper’s story. Will Leah tell her parents about Jasper’s current situation, or keep it a secret to stay friends with her?

An Interview with Teacher of the Year By Avery McNerney

I decided to interview Danielle Bennett, our Suffield Teacher of The Year. I asked her questions about the experience. First, I asked, “How did you feel when you discovered you won?” She responded, “I was completely shocked! I looked around at all the people that came into the room to congratulate me, and I felt like I was dreaming.” I asked, “Why do you think you deserved to be teacher of the year?”

She said, “Well, I believe every teacher in this school could be teacher of the year. I think we all do really well at certain things, and I’m honored. I believe I do pretty well developing a relationship with my students and their families.” After that, I asked, “How did your family and students react?” She answered, “My students were excited! One even said, ‘Of course she won!’ My family was very happy and proud.”

Last, I asked, “What is your favorite part of being teacher of the year?” She replied, “My favorite part is being able to represent such a wonderful group of educators in Suffield.” I owe a huge thanks to Danielle Bennett for this incredible interview.

How to Make a YouTube Channel By Tyler Kuzmenko

First, you’ll want to make a Google account. This is how:
First go onto Click on add account and fill out your information: now you have an account!

Next, you will want to go on YouTube. Click on your account in the top right-hand corner.

Down below it will say, “manage your channel.”

Finally, this is how to make videos. Click on “create,” in the top right-hand corner. Then, you can upload a video from your files. Once you choose a video, it will tell you to fill out some information, like if it’s made for kids, to add description, a title and more. You can upload your video. Enjoy creating!

If you need help on how to get some views here are some tips:
• First, you should have good content (videos people will enjoy!)
• Next, if you know a YouTuber and you do something they did in a video, post your video in the comments under their video.
• Finally, spread the word. Tell people about your channel.

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