Spaulding Stars Shine Brightly

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At any given moment during the school day at A. Ward Spaulding School, there’s the distinct possibility you might hear some breaking news. It might be Kingston, who noticed a friend couldn’t find a place to sit for lunch, so he made space for his friend, and invited her to sit next to him. Or it could be Nathan, who noticed his friend searching for a glue stick, so he went to his bucket and gave his friend one of his extra glue sticks. Or maybe it is Evelyn, who saw paper towels on the floor and took the time to pick them up and throw them in the trash instead of walking past them.

Spaulding Stars care through respect, responsibility and kindness. Each and every school day, the adults who support our students at A. Ward Spaulding School recognize students exhibiting one or more of the three character traits we value. These adults include teachers, paraprofessionals, custodians, bus drivers, office staff, kitchen staff — anyone and everyone who impacts the lives of our students. When we catch students randomly showing kindness and caring, or being respectful and responsible learners, we “break the news” with a special announcement over the intercom celebrating their Spaulding Star Behavior!

There are many examples of Spaulding Star Behavior: walking quietly down the hallway and respecting the learning happening in other classrooms; pushing in chairs to make sure nobody trips and everybody has room to move; finding a piece of student work on the floor and sticking it back on the wall where it was meant for all to see; trying three different strategies before finally solving a tricky math problem.

In addition to celebrating these daily demonstrations of expected behaviors, each semester we recognize two students from every class who have distinguished themselves for their consistent display of Spaulding Star Behavior throughout the semester. These students receive a special Spaulding Star Certificate that we display on our Spaulding Star Wall of Fame. Students have their pictures taken with their teacher, their principal, Mrs. Olearczyk, and their assistant principal, Mr. Ferraro, in front of the Spaulding Star Wall of Fame. These pictures are sent home to their proud parents.

On November 18, we held a virtual, school-wide assembly recognizing and celebrating our Spaulding Stars. We were so happy to see many parents (and grandparents) able to join us virtually for the celebration. Mrs. Olearczyk and Mr. Ferraro are planning a special lunch for our Spaulding Stars. Please join us in congratulating all of these young people!

PreK: Colten Richardson, Priscilla McRitchie, Lucas Nolan, Hailey Borowiec, Matthew Anziano, Avery Richardson.

Kindergarten: Gavin Shanley, Josephine Lambert, Nixon Bennett, Emma LaBier, Cecily Coviello, Jeanelle Zipagan, Ailish Kavanagh, Vasilios Akkouris, Gracy Falk, Max Bednarz, Willow Cotrone, Benny Andre, Mikayla McCue, Ansh Walwadkar, Anna Harrison, Donald Osborn

Grade 1: Avery Christian, Erynne Moriarty, Trey Sales, Colton Jacobs, Henry Beaupre, Alyssa Sebastiao, Lily Germain, Carrigan Boucher, Lucas Cecchetelli, Jordan Soltys, Fiona Hill, Cash Tomalonis, Riley Murdock, Sean Reidy, Hannah Morris, James Smith

Grade 2: Ari Pease, Cole Hewitt, Carson Walsh, Adelaide Begin, Liam Dusza, Colette Elterman, Camilla DePalma, Gabe Fry, Cayden McCarthy, Ellie Dzierzgowski, Jonathan Vilkhovoy, Ella Mosher, Jack Bednarz, Sophia Zinkievich, Julia Smith, Fisher Merritt.

Recognizing and celebrating our students’ acts of kindness, respect, and responsibility has created a positive school climate in which students take pride in kind, respectful, and responsible behavior, and appreciation for the many kindnesses shown by their peers. Next time you see a Spaulding Star Student, ask them if they’ve heard any “Breaking News” at school today!

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