New Restaurant Opening in Suffield Commons

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Walter Beaulieu is an energetic young man. He is the manager of the restaurant at the Avon Old Farms Inn on Route 44, a demanding position which he tackles with passion. But that’s not all; he also owns food trucks, two of which come to Suffield and are positioned at the corner of Sheldon and Taintor Streets. They sell smoked meats of all kinds – pork, chicken, brisket, steak, etc. – and also tacos, empanadas, and rice bowls, to name a few other options. Now there is yet another focus for his talents; he is opening a new restaurant right here in the Suffield town center, in the old Harvey Bissell house at Suffield Commons! He hopes to move in soon, so perhaps by the time the Observer goes to press we will be able to sample his specialties.

Photo by Lester Smith
Walter Beaulieu is pictured by a fireplace of the old Harvey Bissell House in Suffield Commons, where he and his partners are opening up the Fire on the Mountain Smokehouse.

Walter is in business with two other men, both of whom will be working with him. The restaurant will offer both breakfast and lunch, with smoked meat as its specialty, along with other menu items. When asked why the three chose Suffield for their new restaurant venture, Walter explained that he has friends here, and that he had already felt at home in this environment. He has been impressed by the friendliness of our town as well as its historic traditions, and hopes to introduce creative new dining experiences while respecting the habits and preferences of the residents here.

By the time you read this article, the sign announcing our newest culinary locale, Fire on the Mountain Smokehouse, could be up on the front lawn of the Bissell house, and we may be able to taste for ourselves what sounds like a truly delicious and unique assortment of dishes. The restaurant will be open every day of the week from 6:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. – convenient times for either breakfast or lunch, and anything in between!

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