Relax with Something Different

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What is your favorite relaxing toy? It might be a Fidget. Guess what my favorite toy is? Legos! They have sets for all ages. The age range starts at 4 and the oldest is 18 and up. I have been building Legos for about 6 years, and now I am 10 years old.

There are some enjoyable sets I would recommend. I would say for kids from about 7 to 12 the dot sets are creative. They have picture holders, build your own jewelry and jewelry boxes/stands. They also have different sets like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Disney, and Duplo for little [4 to 6 years old] kids, and that’s only a few. One more thing is you can make your own city . They have sets for girls, boys, toddlers, and co-ed. They have cool adult sets, also. Even though I’m younger I still want them, especially the cool rollercoaster that you have to add your own wiring and remote control to.

Winter is coming closer – so are the holidays, and I suggest putting Legos on your Christmas list . You can find them at They are relaxing. I love to do them before school, after school and before I go to sleep. Legos help me relax; they might help you!

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