A Home-Town Couple’s Love Story

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Eric and Dianne Remington

When you think about “Home-Town,” Dianne and Eric Remington come to mind. Eric is an eleventh-generation Suffield resident. Diane’s parents moved from upstate New York to West Suffield in the mid- 1960s, where she was later born.

The couple live on a farm in what is affectionally known as the Remington Compound on River Boulevard. The farm is over 30 acres and contains seven individually family-owned homes where the Remington families have lived for generations. Both expressed they are thankful for the close proximity of their extended family.

Dianne and Eric’s home is over 200 years old and was built by his great -great -great- great grandfather and is the home where Eric’s father was raised.

In the 1970s when Dianne was in 3rd grade, one of her best friends was Tara Remington. Eric was in 4th grade and is Tara’s older brother. The two families became very good friends and were part of each other’s celebration and family events since the children first met. Both families are serious car racing fans and Daytona 500 is and has been an annual event with many family members and extended family members for over 50 years.

In 2000, Eric and Dianne’s long-term friendship blossomed. They began dating and were married in October of 2001.

At the time they were married, Dianne was teaching 7th and 8th grade English and Math at Henry James Simsbury Middle School. Diane feels so fortunate that she was able to stay home when their children were small especially with Eric’s extensive traveling for his job. Eric was a Finance Executive at Kaman in Bloomfield for 28 years. In April 2020, he made a career change and became the Director of Finance with the Town of Suffield. Diane is back in education at Spaulding School now that their children Thomas and Paige attend Western New England University, and Kate is a sophomore at Suffield High School.

As a side note, when Dianne and Eric attended kindergarten, they were taught by the same teacher, Mrs. Wassall. When their three children went to Kindergarten, Mrs. Wassall was their teacher as well.

Dianne and Eric are very active and love the outdoors. The farm and gardening keep them busy when they are not volunteering in town and at First Church. They were both active when their children were younger. If not coaching, being Scout leaders or volunteering in their children’s classrooms, they would be on the sidelines for their sports or in the audience for their events.

Their greatest love beside each other is spending time with their children, extended family and friends. In the summer, you will find them at the lake house on Otis Reservoir, when they can get away. They are always thrilled to be joined by their family and friends on the lake.

Congratulations to Dianne and Eric, the Observer’s Valentine couple of the year.

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