Special Flyover Caps Bridge Dedication

Mother Nature smiled on Suffield Saturday morning, June 12, and the ceremony dedicating the new Remington Street bridge began in just a few drops of rain, which soon stopped. The bridge now honors and memorializes our town’s latest military casualty, Petty Officer Dustin L. Doyon, U. S. Navy, who died in the South China Sea when the destroyer John McCain was rammed by a Liberian tanker in 2017.

Observer Scholarships Awarded

The Suffield Observer’s two $1,000 scholarships, one in memory of Sam Fuller, the Observer’s founder, and one in memory Bob Warren, a former chairman of the paper, were recently awarded to two exceptional young people.

A Sad Goodbye

It is said that many hands make light work. Conversely, when only a few step up to answer the call to volunteer, the same small group has to labor all the harder.