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Since the launch of our Trees for Suffield Initiative last spring, I was introduced to the term “emerald necklace” as it pertains to trees. More recently, I firmed up my knowledge as I listened to a podcast on Frederick Law Olmsted and his design of a series of interconnected parks and green spaces in Boston which became known as the Emerald Necklace. It sure is a good image to have in one’s mind, on a June day in our little town when all the maples, chestnuts, sassafras and sycamores are leafed out like jewels on a chain. So, the Suffield Initiative on trees is just that, all about trees. But it’s not so simple, and there is a long-term plan regarding planting and developing an endowment to keep our town green. This vision is helped each time an individual makes a connection to a tree.

Last spring, The Initiative introduced a tree photo contest displayed in the gallery of KML. Continuing with the same theme, the Suffield Initiative on Trees has created opportunities to celebrate writing about trees. A series of writers’ workshops will be held in March at Kent Memorial Library. Three local writers will be facilitating this event in the month of March. They will be offering their workshop model at the KML on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 -7:30 p.m. Participants can sign up with our co-sponsor, Suffield Parks and Rec, for each workshop individually or partake in the series. There is no charge for any of these workshops.

On March 1, I will be facilitating the first session on the writing mindset and toolbox associated with writing creative nonfiction. I will share some of my tree pieces that I have written over the years and describe the journey from draft to final product. I like to weave a memory into my writing and will ask participants to think of a special memory pertaining to trees to bring as a starting point for writing, then guide the participants as they think of their audience and begin the process of crafting a narrative.

On March 15, join local writer Wendy Pierman Mitzel as she uses Found Items to inspire! Bring your own tree related-item or chose one from the provided materials and see where it takes you on your writing journey. Bring a notebook for this guided writing prompt.

On March 29, come and write a poem with Rita Chmura. Want to feel like a kid again? Be inspired to write a poem about TREES. Nothing complicated, nothing difficult. Just a fun experience in the world of rhyming words. Join Rita, a local retired educator, as the presenter of this workshop to guide you through the process of writing simple poems.

So, mark your calendar and join us for a chance to celebrate and expand our own emerald necklace with a pen in your hand.

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